Not all bad then, a reference sent to Bob Hill last year to clarify how I am

It is notable that less problems occur with friends who allow me space and do not panic when I can’t cope, and who do not get involved intensely or as a panacea for their own troubles. This couple are admirable in what they have done for me when everyone and everything else was hurting me as a result of Diocese actions
Mrs ****** *******
* ****** Road
******* *****
******** *****
**** ***
Tel. ********
Dear Mr Hill
A reference for ****** *****
I have known ***** now for over 2 years. We first met in St ******* ** church. she had come in for a warm. We chatted for a while and told me she was homeless. so I invited her to come home with us (my husband ******) for a bite to eat. Since then we have become close friends, she stays often stays over night.
During this time she has spoken of her past. It’s quite amazing that she pushed herself through College and
gained a certificate in Agriculture and Horticulture after such a volatile childhood, I so admire her.
With a combination of Asperges, Autism and Asthma there comes frustration of not being able to express
ones feelings and comprehend a situation which invitably results in anger and fear.
*******’s experience in Jersey  damaged her profoundly she is stuggling to cope. She desparetly needs a voice. Until the ‘Jersey’ incident is addressed properly and investigated in depth, I believe she will continue to be a vunerable and frieghtened young woman. Her plight is getting considerably worse.
******’s manners are first class, she’s respectful and never askes for anything, is totally trustworthy and honest. I know she’s very caring and gentle as she gives her fellow homeless companions a shoulder to cry on, she listens…….I pray that someone will listen to her
Yours Sincerly
Mrs ******* ******

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