Written for the man at Autism Jersey on 03/09/2008 -showing JM’s involvement

 This is an extract of an email written top the man at Autism Jersey, I was under too much stress at the time and was waiting for the police to contact me to take my statements, they were bogged down with historic abuse investigations into Haute de la Garrenne at the time, and I was due to spand a weekend with JM, at her invitation as always.
She didn’t like me being away in Jersey and was always talking about getting me to come home, although her support of me when I was in Hampshire was very hit and miss and her husband’s behavior was always there in the background.
One of my thoughts about everything I have been through is, what happens to the vulnerable who cannot write, as I do? what happens to them?
As with all posts, I have omitted names where necessary, I think Philip is known as Philip and was not a wrongdoer here, he can object directly and I will remove his name, but as he was a genuine and non-abusive man, I have left his name on here.
Writing for Philip:
JM emailed me in reply to an email, she talked about me maybe ‘making a strategic withdrawal from Jersey’, I know that she has been a bit biased about me being in Jersey before, maybe she wants me home and under her watchful eye, but I am worried that she has spoken to the Churchwarden couple or that the Dean has suggested that I am dragged back to Hampshire and not allowed home again, I have not gone ahead with arranging to go back to her this weekend yet, as I am too worried about being trapped, and what damage is done to my friendship with JM by the Dean and the Churchwarden couple, whatever happens, I need to be working wherever I am, but I want to be in Jersey, I don’t want it taken away from me, I have been offered the cleaning job from the church people, it is one morning a week.
I am worried that JM has said the wrong things to the dean, she wanted to make it look like Churchwarden was naive, because she thought questions might be asked about why I stayed on with the family despite what was happening, but I stayed on because Churchwarden called me daughter, and I wanted to be daughter.
JM is away all day today so I am worried sick and haven’t booked the ticket to go to JM for the weekend. I don’t think I can go back to Hampshire for a break yet, but I must find work.
The pressure in my head is tremendous
I think the Churchwarden couple may have contacted JM again, and hence they go on damaging me.
I think that if JM, who sometimes doesn’t understand things, has told the Dean that I am ‘seductive’ because I was abused or anything, My ex-therapist in England, LD, may be able to explain my Character and behaviour much better than JM, please pass that offer on to the Dean, I feel that the Dean is against me, so anything that JM mistranslates will be used against me.
Do enquire to the police.

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