On Trial

I have been on trial by the Church of England for six years now, and every now and then they pass a damning verdict, or try to sentence me further.

The thing is, though, few criminals who deliberately carry out criminal acts are put on trial and publicly whipped as I have been, after being hurt for years, abused in the Church of England, and not one of the people hurting me has faced any real action, no, they keep being exonorated, Bishop Scott-Joynt, Bob Key, Jane Fisher, J and FM, the churchwarden, and those who have defended and covered up wrongdoing.

So, is it a fair trial, where my voice has been repeatedly silenced so that I cannot defend my case, and I write this blog in fear of repercussions and further public harming of me by the Church of England, in reports and press releases, or even police attacks.

I am not sure how they think keeping someone on trial and shamed and blamed and given a record that prevents them from seeking help or even being treated with courtesy is Christian or just.
But they didn’t do this to abusers and wrongdoers in their own employ, they only did it to an abuse survivor who they refused to help or investigate her complaints, and they did it because she went mad with distress at being told over and over that what happened didn’t and that she was being bad. An example is Jane Fisher saying that the churchwarden was a ‘Christian who got things wrong’ but refusing to even acknowledge when Bob Key said that the abuse victim was wicked and hadn’t been abused, instead, Jane Fisher, Scott-Joynt and Key liased at that very time to get the victim a police record, in the despair and distress she was in.

It is utterly ludicrous that Jane Fisher is still involved and has used the terrible events of the last year to try and force on me further, with the NSPCC, after forcibly tracing me through the police, it becomes just plain ridiculous, that after all this time of screaming against her illegal interventions, and her getting me a police record as a result, she is still, unchecked and breaking the law and violating my human rights and privacy, even though I have made a formal complaint (which has been ignored) and she has been able to continue to harm and distress and violate me, whilst putting me on trial in the public eye, as if preventing me from seeking medical and support services by the record she got me was not enough.

Why am I on trial and waiting for a report that omits my side of things and will only be to cover up and harm me further for no good aim at all. I will not become the person the church of England decide that I should be by being violated, libelled, defamed, smeared, condemned, judged and having to hear untruths from a cliquey community where neutrality and lack of bias are hard to find.
And who there will be on my side? When the churchwarden was born there, has family there and is supported by the Church there, and the Dean is supported by wrongdoing crossovers in church/government/judiciary and Freemasonry, and how do the Diocese know who is biased and why? They don’t, so they can get hundreds of damning messages about me for their biased reports, while people on my side are afraid to speak out for fear of what will happen because the most powerful people on that Island are against me.

Here is an example of what the Diocese and their damn reports investigations and commissions do not know and thus can’t carry out a balanced report.
But some of the Jersey bloggers can answer this, lets see who answers, Diocese or a blogger:

Who on the Island is a Grand Master of a Masonic lodge, a famous figure outside the Island, related to my abuser, and ‘respected’ member of a Church!?
 Is this person involved?
 Now, lets see who answers.

Come on Jersey bloggers, that is actually a challenge and I know two wrong guesses that you are going to make! 🙂

Wasn’t it utterly stupid of the Diocese to publicly attack me and the Jersey Deanery? How could they have imagined that using me as a pawn would make the Deanery do things their way? Why did they put me back on trial? There can be no justifiable reason, why launch into an insular closed community and expect an honest and balanced view when you are ATTACKING people?!

Didn’t Dakin think what the reaction would be in the ‘Island of Secrets’? Didn’t he realise or care that the interconnected relationships there could only lead to me being damned and no defence? How can I defend myself when I do not even know enough to tell who is connected to who, fully, or who will be told to say what or produced what mocked up evidence? While no-one will dare to speak up for me, and people have said so to me, but the outsiders looking in do not see that!
Basically Bishop Dakin simply hung me up to be publicly flogged, instead of doing as the Bible suggests, which would have meant talking to his clergy in private, not suddenly headline news that meant I had to be slaughtered to save people’s skins.

Footnote for Ginger, Ginger I feel like I been in a train wreck because of having work done on my spine and shoulder today, I can’t play theology and I need an early night, I had a new blog sent to me today, it is a theology blog, it is on the links bar and it is called ‘Anninos’, if you are looking for theological food for thought, it is an excellent blog.

7 thoughts on “On Trial

  1. The Jersey team just asked for a clue, but the best clue would be too obvious so I said 'West side' in case the Diocese need a clue too.
    (they never had a clue)

  2. Questions asked so far:
    Is he a Jerseyman? Answer – yes, he is related to the churchwarden.
    Is he same surname as churchwarden? Answer – No

  3. The competition went on on twitter, fiercely competed and tough, eventually 'Hope4Jersey' won by a whisker off another Jersey bean and announced the initials of the man GLF.
    The Church of England, although offered clues, remained clueless, as ever and came in lost, last and least.
    This proves a point, if the Church of England do not know the undercurrents, well hidden and used against me, how can they write an accurate report?
    If even Jerseypeople have to guess when I give them the clues, then how can investigations which exclude me, be fair neutral or anything other than damaging to me?

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