lets refer Jane Fisher

John Cameron

Dear John Cameron,

I would like to make a referral.

I would like to refer Jane Fisher to you.

I think she may be either a child or in need of being one.

I say this because she has repeatedly injured me in her unbalanced and untrue statements to and about me, has been unreasonable irrational and lacking in responsibility and unable to take responsibility for her actions, instead she has incessantly intervened in my life and violated my privacy, dignity and human rights in the worst possible ways, whilst claiming to care.

Unfortunately, if someone is a safeguarding officer, and they destroy an abuse victim and leave the abusers and the people who cover for them in their positions and able to go on harming the cictim, whilst the safeguarding officer not only condones and backs up this behaviour, but further damages the victim herself, ie getting her a terrible record and having her subjected to police brutality, this safeguarding officer’s claims to care simply do not ring true.

Thus I am referring her to you, I am sure she wont mind referrals behind her back to any agency that I can now dream up, all because ‘I care’.



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