Brief Introduction for new readers, because this is a heavy blog

Introduction for new readers as the statistics go up.

I was part of the Church of England for 13 years, I have multiple mild disablities and was vulnerable due to background and poverty.
I was abused in the church with barely a chance to recover from my fraught upbringing, and was blamed and shamed solidly by the church; all the unchristian things, gossip, cover-ups deceit occured, and my own sin was anger and saying bad things and getting carried away in reaction.

I have been publicly humiliated and shamed and given a record, while abusers and wrongdoers in the Church have got off and excused themselves.

Jane Fisher is a name I frequently mention, she is the diocesan safeguarding officer in the diocese of Winchester despite causing me so much harm through cover-ups and denials, and blame and slander of me.
 She also engineered the police record I now have, but never did anything about my abusers.

Bishop Dakin is the current Bishop of Winchester, and Bishop Scott-Joynt is the former Bishop, neither are Christian or able to deal with abuse, and both have treated me like dirt on their shoes.

The Jersey Deanery are described in the blog, a group of clergy and laity who have forgotten Christianity in favour of complacancy, power and security, but who run the church to keep this power and security.

The Korris report is an inaccurate and distressing report, engineered by Jane Fisher to cover up a cover up.

I am still in hiding from the Diocese and limited by this and the record they have given me.

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