Korris Thoughts and Jane Fisher’s boast

How did Ey know what I had said about him? It is highly possible that the Dean was passing information back to EY, especially as PC LeMarquand said someone was forwarding information and then refused to say who – is this what the Korris report was on about when it was said that Ey was ‘hearing about me insulting his good nature by saying about him being sacked for misconduct? why did Jane Fisher allow the Dean to continue to communicate information to Ey? And why is the church leaving him in a position in the church under the Dean and claiming that the Dean has acted in good faith in all this?
Why was the fact that I was slandered round the Island not included as EY insulting my good nature or whatever, why was it claimed that I wasn’t discussed in the Deanery or chapter when I was? When I was told by a priest I was!
Korris does not seem to realise that in a then hostile community, I had to speak up for myself and say that this man had done wrong before.
And if Fisher, c/o Korris, wants to vilify me that way, what about what she and Scott-Joynt did in Winchester in slandering me, and what about how they allowed the Warren-Lihou;EY-Dean collaboration against me and listened to them and not me?
In 2010 Jane Fisher was going on about how she was meeting with a states member in Jersey, and although she was very sparse with any information or answers to me about everything else, she repeatedly mentioned this but never told me who I was meeting with or why, and I asked her why she thought it was so special that she was meeting with this states member, she didn’t say, nor did she say who it was.
She appeared to be boasting, and it appeared to be to do with my case, so who did she meet with? ILM? Bailhache? Or any others who have been supporting the Dean.
Who did Jane Fisher meet with and why? 

I am sure Jane Fisher cannot object to me speaking about her, especially after she has maligned me and left me outcast, and I am just sharing my side of things.

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