On Trial 2

I will ask the question but I am not pushing for an answer.

Who is the Doctor involved in cult church in Jersey who also saw me and breached confidences/behaved unprofessionally and also caused me distress in the church, and could easily have further breached my records and used them against me?
Sadly there are two answers, but this time the Diocese should have a better attempt at answering.

Lets go on trial, because I am on trial night and day at the hands of those accusers.

My wrongs are great anger and bad words, not knowing how to treat people and how to relate to people, not being able to cope, not knowing what was wrong with me or how to set and keep boundaries, gullibility and thinking others knew best and would behave honourably.
I am sorry that the Church cannot forgive me and keep causing me the anguish of publicly shaming me.
And I am grateful to everyone who has been kind to me, every little thing, I have never been short of gratitude, even when I had not learned to express it.
God sees what I confess here and I hope He forgives me.
And I hope that the Church see fit not to harm me further.
Being on trial every day is damaging me.

What I have done does not mean that others have not wronged me, but they have chosen to deny this and cover it up.

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