Jane Fisher and the Bishop did not take my complaint and preferred to spread a one-sided story to places like Romsey Abbey and the Catholic church in Winchester.

So I was shouted at and maligned but the fact that I was abused and autistic was not shared.

And the facts of my side were not shared.

For example I was shouted at for ‘all the trouble I caused at…’
 Because  JANE FISHER maligned me and did not give my side of things to the people she maligned me to.

The abuse was not mentioned.

Things never noted by Fisher who used my difficult relationships against me, include JM slapping me because I was angry about the way her Mother and sister treated me over the abuse.

And. Another person used against me taking my toy off me and putting it in the microwave and burning and breaking it, as you may have realised, I always have a toy/s and have mentioned the toys in context of attachment disorder and autism, the toys usually mean a lot to me, and so, to see my toy put in the microwave and burned and broken was deeply deeply distressing, but Jane Fisher has never recorded my side of things and has villified me.

This is a small example.

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