Anything and everything

I am considering doing a linked blog to my childhood story, which is fully written.

But I thought to get back into the Jersey story, I will try to do a brief chronology.

It was  July 2008 when I arrived in Jersey.
I met the churchwarden in July or August.

The Churchwarden ‘adopted’ me within weeks of meeting me.

It was October or november he first introduced inappropriate touch,
and he had already been talking inappropriately. 

It was November that the Churchwarden got me to go and live with them,
but he was already behaving wrongly, and churchpeople had observed him
holding my hand, hugging me etc, but done nothing, while his wife disapproved.

There was a disasterous Christmas, described elsewhere,
and immediately after this, the Churchwarden’s behaviour got much more inappropriate.

I became sick with depression and was told that it was a virus by doctors,
who had no idea what was going on.
 The churchwarden’s wife went on about me ‘beating myself up’
But never told me what it meant.

By March 2008, I had referred myself to Autism Jersey and
was having counselling, but not feeling any better,
Being regressed when my original childhood was so bad
was as bad as the sexual abuse

The counsellor told me that what the churchwarden was doing was wrong
and told me to slap him on the nose when he crossed boundaries
but didn’t completely realise that my sense of boundaries was impaired.

In April/May, I was actively looking for a new home and 
the Churchwarden’s wife, though openly resenting me,
was helping me look,
while her husband was talking about how
I would come round for supper every day when I left
which neither I nor his wife, agreed with

I was still suffering stress and depression
as you will see in the ‘year of emails’ 
when I launch it on the blog.

I moved out without saying goodbye
and tried to cope with life
after being part of a family
while the churchwarden sought incorrect advice
from a group who mess with lives and use God’s name in vain
‘The walk of 1000 men
chauvenist charismatic evangelicals
who are like rabid wolves 
after souls but with no concern for human welfare

the churchwarden had told me in detail
how he had been inappropriate with 
young women during partaking in
this dangerous charismatic rubbish

By summer 2008, my life was in collapse
From summer 2008 to Autumn 2010
I fought the church of england in vain to do something
about the abuse and subsequent cover up and discrediting of me
but I ended up homeless and with a criminal record instead.

The church, to this day, prefer destroying me rather than dealing 
with my side of things and my abusers.
And they use my distress and mustrust against me 
to continue to villify me.




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