Email to the Lihous after a miserable stay with them on a visit to the UK in October 2008

This was an email to the Lihous after I went to stay with them on a visit to Hampshire from Jersey, the visit was miserable for me, and this email was sent as a result.
At that time I still did not really understand boundaries, didn’t know how to end a friendship or that I could just walk away if they refused a meeti8ng as they did, but when the Lihous were visiting Jersey, they had persuaded me to go and stay with them when they heard I was coming back to visit friends in Hampshire and Dorset.
The mention of Ken and the Bike, Ken was a retired priest in George and Jill’s village in Hampshire, George and Jill once got him to do a disasterous ‘healing’ session with me, which sent me mad with distress, but Ken also lent me a bike when I was at college in Dorset, which seemed to have gone missing but actually the caretakers at college had thought it was abandoned and so I collected it from their care in November and returned it to Ken.
(funnily enough my friend J. who the diocese and Deanery never mention, provided much more healing than Ken, just by being my friend, and she and I never fell out, but the Diocese never mention the good, only the bad, and becuse so many of my friends were in the CofE, the Diocese in having me put in prison and getting their story put about, made most of my good into bad).

From: **** ******(*********
Sent: 12 October 2007 10:18:39
To: *****

I don’t know why our friendship hurts and collapses, I know that God loves us all, but we never came back from what happened, the pain all came back when I saw you and that is sad because, we are all forgiven, but the horror and anguish of that night when George lost his temper went very deep, and the shame of having to repeatedly apologize and being prepared to be within new boundaries, when George didn’t apologize or explain or se tor agree a boundary to stop it happening again, wrecked what was left of the trust after Paul. I do love you, but the hurt is still hitting me, and I do live with other consequences of that night. So God bless you and keep you.

I have sent you a cheque, it may be delayed by backlog. Don’t let anything that has happened hurt you, I love you, I have been traumatized and injured, I can’t put myself in that risky situation again. I will be in touch with Ken shortly to arrange bike or recompense for bike.

Please could you acknowledge receipt of cheque, by post or on mobile- ***** ******, its a Jersey airtel, so not sure of cost from UK phone yet, its cheap for me to ring uk though, but not sure if you can text me from your phone, the emails from you never got through, nor has any post if you have sent any recently.

May God bless you and your family always,


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