Post 1 -Other people’s perspectives

I am going to start comiling lists of links to other bloggers posts about my case. Starting with Bob Hill’s blogs.
Bob bases his posts on the Korris report a lot, which can make them inaccurate and traumatic at times, but he also has a lot of paperwork and in depth knowledge of States and Police processes.
 I think that as he has kept these posts about me up, he wont mind me linking and thus increasing traffic to his balanced and insightful blog. Especially as he does things without asking. 🙂
Remember, these blogs are not my opinion nor necessarily my true story, but they do help with background, but they were written by a good and honest man who was doing his best.

Bob Hill 2013/14:

2 thoughts on “Post 1 -Other people’s perspectives

  1. I am trying to find ways of expressing my story so that it isn't justhuge blocks of writing.
    It may help new readers to read the other bloggers articles.

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