Answers to Questions, who’s who part1

Who’s Who in Jersey, part 1.
This is quite a tricky and scary series to start, not one I even want to do, but in the the recent fun quizzes of who’s who, the Church of England were lost, last and least, and it took some Jersey people time to work out who the Grandmaster freemason-churchman-relative of my abuser-musician was.
So I thought this should be the starting point for outsiders on who’s who in the Channel Island of Jersey, where they speak English but are not part of the UK, and thus have their own government and laws that allowed the Dean to be let off and run a smear campaign against me with a bit of help from his friends.

Here’s who does what in the states of Jersey:

Here’s Jersey’s law site:

Although Jersey law is explainable in a few words, one law for one group and one for the rest.

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