NOT Duty of Care

Jane Fisher’s incessant interference behind my back and without my consent led to me abandoning and mistrusting help and support services and also being shunned.

One of the services she interfered in was autism Jersey, even though I told Philip LeClaire expressly not to communicate with her or be a go-between.

Her interference meant I did not trust Philip at all, especially after what had already occured, see my letter to the police complaints department a few posts ago.

It is incorrectly claimed I kicked up a fuss at autism Jersey when Philip told me about the ‘Chaperoning policy’ that the churchwarden was supposed to be under.
This is rubbish.
It is rubbish because I told Philip he was not to tell me what the Diocese said, and he was not to act as  go-between, and he never did tell me what they said, but he claimed, incorrectly, that they had removed the churchwarden from his position, that is all he said when I told him not to upset me again by repeating anything Fisher said back to me.

Because by then Jane Fisher was just a severe trauma to me.

She still is.

Jane Fisher tried to use Philip to get a meeting with me, just as she tried to use Tracy.
She was told NO and told not to use people.
After all, she hadn’t dealt with my complaints and had rubbished me and allowed me to be harmed and coldly told me that what happened did not.


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