anything and everything

Dear Jane Fisher and Micheal Scott-Joynt,

Do you remember and did you tell any investigation or police force what I said when I rang constantly?

I said ‘Make Jane Fisher go away!’

I said ‘Please stop shaming and humiliating me!’

I came up to Wolvsley, not to ‘hang around’ or ‘sleep in the shed’ as deviously claimed,
I came up with letters for the Bishop, desparately trying to get him to understand what had happened to me, and persuade him to do something about it.

That is very different from me just being deranged and shouting and hanging around.

I wanted my complaints to be dealt with, although by the time Jane Fisher and the Bishop set the police on me in Jersey, it was too late for justice, because that injustice could never be undone.
And I wanted to stop being slandered to all and sundry in Winchester.

Did anyone or Korris ever know or understand that I was supposed to speak to Lou Scott-Joynt, and she told me to ring out of hours so that I would get through to her and not the office, and she told me that the only time she couldn’t answer was when they were in chapel in the morning? and yet the Bishop had me done for phoning out of hours?!
Funny how lou Scott-Joynt’s part in this was missed out of all court cases and the Korris report.
Especially the part where she was repeating the churchwarden-Dean-Lihou-Warren collaberation back to me, the same collaberation used against me again by Ashenden and Bailhache etc, with my side never at any point being taken by anyone.

Not really funny at all, sick. The whole way Jane Fisher has been able to engineer the matter and repeatedly mislead people about her and the Scott-Joynt’s actions and attitude.

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