A blunt post

Do we remember Tim Dakin’s Statement about how they had ‘been working hard accross the Diocese’ to get me support, after letting the Dean and others off?
I do.

Did you know they didn’t work hard accross the Diocese for anything, they simply tried to refer me without my permission to a colleague of Jane Fisher’s, John Cameron of the NSPCC.
Who would undoubtedly have bought Jane Fisher’s story and continued to liase with her, and this was allowed despite the damage she had done to me and my complaints against her that were being ignored!


2 thoughts on “A blunt post

  1. They are both totally immoral and completely compromised.

    As the leader of the Irish opposition in Parliament once said: I would expect no more than a grunt from a pig.

    And he was talking about the Prime Minister (Taoiseach) at the time. 🙂

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