For John Cameron

Dear John Cameron,

I am aware that you were not randomly chosen to contact me on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester but that you have a history with Jane Fisher.
Thus Tim Dakin’s statement about the Diocese working hard to get me help was rubbish.
And I didn’t agree to a referral  nor did they have my consent.
And Jane Fisher has inflicted more damage on me during this sorry saga than anyone.

However, I will agree to speak with you on these conditions.

The condition being that the NSPCC agrees to a single overarching enquiry into Jimmy Saville and how he was allowed access to the NSPCC and children through the NSPCC, even though the rumours about his behaviour were very much around, this enquiry should also take Esther Rantzen’s behaviour in relation to this matter into account.

Until then, I am disgusted by the Diocese and NSPCC’s liason, utterly disgusted.

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