The Churchwarden

Bob states on his blog that the churchwarden who abused me is possibly to be alected churchwarden in the Town Church in Jersey.

According to Church of England guidelines he doesn’t need a CRB check in order to be elected, but what he does need is church backing and a Bishop to confirm him as churchwarden.

Well the church have backed him, and during my complaint against him, he continued to attend the Town Church with the Dean and spend time with the Dean, and when I spoke to the Diocese about this and continued my complaint about it thus being an unfair and unbalanced complaint, I was rubbished of course, by Jane Fisher, as you have seen in that extract of an email where she claims that the Dean is neutral.

And Bishop Trevor actually joined in the culty games while he was in Jersey while I was there, so him blessing the churchwarden as churchwarden at the town church would not be surprising at all.

But what a terrible message it sends out, it sends out a message that it is ok for the church to destroy a victim and employ an unrepentant abuser, although that has pretty much been the message sent out over and over again.
The Deanery didn’t run a smear campaign against the churchwarden, and Bishop Dakin didn’t have him forcibly traced and forced on and threatened, the church have looked after the unrepentant churchwarden and are re-electing him while leaving me on the run and living in fear of further harm from the church with release of defamatory and unbalanced and hijacked reports.

This is Christianity according to the Church of England.
Jane Fisher worked hard to cover up in Jersey at my expense, absolving people who harmed and upset me for the churchwarden, and then she slandered me round Winchester, she didn’t do this to the churchwarden , in fact she has allowed the Deanery to slander and smear me and protect him.

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