Austerity Lunch

I was just thinking about the old days, when we used to have ‘Austerity Lunches’ to raise funds for Romania and Africa.

Those who don’t know, an ‘Austerity lunch’ is usually bread and cheese, maybe soup.

A certain person, since convicted of paedophilia, used to tell us that this kind of lunch was what the families in Romania used to eat every day.

And I used to think ‘wow, they could afford cheese!’

Because I couldn’t afford cheese, and to me, the austerity lunch was a really good meal!

The Church of England forget when they do all these emotional appeals, that there are people in the UK who have very little, and although we are not really welcome in the Church of England because of our poverty, we are there among those people as they make ’emotional appeals’ and forget that some of us are very badly off.

Today I have sat here for my lunch, a cuppa soup from a pack of 4 for 28p from the supermarket (not really good for you). And two slices of dry bread that would be too mouldy to eat tomorrow. No butter, no cheese, very little taste in the soup.
Better than nothing, and better without the Church of England’s ignorance making it worse.

2 thoughts on “Austerity Lunch

  1. I think you are absolutely right. What I like about appeals like Sport Relief is that try to highlight these issues. Don't start me on Church Mission giving!

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