Happier Times -The Island’s attractions, part 1

When I had been in Jersey a short while I was given a card that entitled me to free or discounted entry to attractions and activities.

I remember I was so keen to do everything. I had been in such severe poverty in Dorset that I had rarely been able to relax and have fun, in fact I had been rigid with worry so much of the time and without enough money for essentials, let alone leisure activities.

I remember going to the ‘Amaizing Maze’? In St. Peter?
I remember that the young woman overseeing it was Eastern European and seemed baffled by a lone young adult wanting to go round the maze.
And I remember getting a bit panicky in the maze and some of the clues not making sense, but nonetheless I came out the other side. 🙂

Of course the museums were a delight as far as I was concerned, call me boring but I love museums and find history fascinating, I can never learn or retain dates or eras, but I find it all amazing.

I went round Hougue Bie and the collections they have there, I went round Hamptonne and the War Tunnels, (which scared me a little bit) and the Maritime museum, which was of course my favourite, and of course Elizabeth and Gorey Castles.
I found Jersey History fascinating.

Other things that the card allowed were discounted water-sports, so  I had the joy of going jet-skiing, that was amazing fun.
It was a funny old day when I went jet-skiing, I was the only person going, and an ex-navy lad was going to go with me to instruct me, and then a teenage girl who knew the lad came along because her school was closed due to a contageous illness, so we went out there, the girl went with the lad,  jet-skis are very fast so I was nervous, but I started enjoying it, but the other jet-ski sucked up a jellyfish into the engine so they had to stop and try and sort it out!

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