Polo’s recent letter to the Bishop

Dear ye,
who do not have the courtesy to reply to serious emails.

I do not know the full reasons why the Steel Report has not been published. I do not know who that person is who appears to have successfully prevented publication through the threat of legal action. I do not know if the threat is a serious one, and is so taken by the Bishop, or if it has been seized upon as a useful excuse to bury a biased and deficient report, at least for the moment.

One aspect of this, which you may not have considered is this.

It is clear that the report will be biased and will not give HG her due, any more that did Korris. This report appears to be worse as Dame Steel did not interview HG or the Churchwarden concerned, any more than did Korris, but Steel is reliably reported to have very negative views about HG despite never having met her. Steel is also a known crony of the Jersey establishment and appears to have offered her services which were accepted by a gullible Bishop. It is no wonder the Jersey establishment are going apeshit at the lack of publication of their carefully orchestrated report.

Meanwhile, HG, the vulnerable lady at the centre of all of this is living in terror of the publication of the report. She was already on the autism spectrum and suffering from PTSD when the Jersey church shredded her confidence, robbed her of the life she had struggled to build, and, conveniently for them, dumped her on the streets of the mainland. A self satisfied, overfed, church dealing with a victim of its own shortcomings in this way is not a pretty sight. The publication of the report is likely to be a body blow to what remains of her shredded life.

If you do not intend publishing Steel, you should say so. This would, at least, alleviate some of the victim’s terror and stop the baying of the Jersey hounds. The current situation constitutes inhuman and degrading treatment of the victim. Has this ever occurred to you or are you too preoccupied with your own internal problems, cash flows, and the defence of the indefensible

If you do publish the report, be aware that Dame Steel’s credibility has already been conclusively undermined in the eyes of those who matter to the Lord and you will be making a further fool of yourself and your inadequate and unheeding church. You will also be showing your utter contempt for the victim of your corrupt actions.

Yours, not really expecting a reply, like the last two times,

Pól Ó Duibhir
Dublin, Ireland

One thought on “Polo’s recent letter to the Bishop

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