Having us culled – A chilling memory of how harmful the Church can be

Recently I remembered a conversation between me and one of my older church friends. It has stayed with me, though the exact words have faded.

This older ‘friend’ of mine, started talking about abortion, and how selective abortion would be right, to rid the society of disability and the strain that disabled people place on it.
Bearing in mind that this was a Church of England ‘Christian’ and she was talking to me, it was horrifying.
I said to her, ‘you mean I should have been aborted as a burden? what about all those parents of disabled children who learn so much and love their children so much?’
My friend didn’t answer that properly, tried to brush it aside, and continued to talk about how society was burdened by disability and how it would be better for abortion to remove the disabled.
I asked her about people who were born normal and became disabled, do we cull them? or do they live knowing that disability is not acceptable and that they would have been aborted in the womb if they had been scanned and seen as disabled then.
My friend would not change her mind, basically she had decided that people with autism, downs syndrome or physical disability should be killed before birth, basically she was telling me that my life was of no worth, I was a burden.
 This was back when I was working full time and working as a volunteer the rest of the time, this woman, who had lived a charmed life and always had everything, was telling me, her friend, that I was of no worth, and, especially considering that the church of england continued over the years to enforce this negative view of me and have made life hell for me, it is amazing I didn’t walk out on them years before I did.
Funny how Jane Fisher never mentioned to Romsey or anyone else she slandered me to, about the way I have been treated, she never even mentioned the abuse, only made me out to be a troublemaker.
The church of England are an uber-menace, protected by the government that they are part of, rife with spiritual abuse as described above, and rife with sexual abuse as predators are protected by the church, just as they are in other government departments, and the same abuse of power to intimidate and defame victims exists in the Church of England as in other government departments.
Anyway, my friend who thinks that people like me should be aborted before birth, never changed her mind. She held so many church positions, and she thought people like me were better off dead, even though she and I had never fallen out. 
This is one of the reasons the Church of England is so dangerous, they do not teach ethics or educate members, leadership is based on money and status rather than Christianity, and unfortunately the narrow old people who lead the church rarely have real insight into disability, poverty and the causes and cultures around it. 

One thought on “Having us culled – A chilling memory of how harmful the Church can be

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