Bishop Scott-Joynt

Apparently I got an email from the nasty old Bishop Scott-Joynt, I must get him done for harassment! 🙂

Screen shots, screen shots, anyway, I thought he had passed away in splendour and gone to the hot place where Bishops go when their life of deception and pomp is over.

I doubt it is from him, I think it is a junk mail, especially as it is in the junk folder and the pompous old man who, with Jane Fisher, destroyed me, would not email me for any reason at all.

Especially not to apologize for acting in a blatantly unchristian way in having me destroyed.

Poor old man, he may have had everything but he never lived, and he never knew God’s love. He only knew deception and rudeness and bad temperedness.

In fact, lets dedicate this to him, it is about him, after all.

The other interesting thing about the email supposedly from the Bishop is the email account it was sent to.
Haha, do I need a worm virus or a hacker? 🙂

Further to that, that nasty selfish, mean-spirited, bad tempered and dishonest former Bishop uses the police and his lawyers, he does not speak to me himself, especially not as he has had me branded for life in reply to me trying to get him to deal with the injustice and restore my life.


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