I hope Eli doesn’t mind

Eli sent me this link and I am just going to put the link here while I wait his permission to put the link here, because I don’t know when I am next online.


What I find tough about the headlines is the ‘press speak’ the ‘claims’ and ‘allegations’ press speak, that can leave people in doubt as to whether the survivor is a real survivor or not.

I am in no doubt as to whether Eli is a survivor or not, he is. 

Eli is very brave, the Church of England, powerful and cut-throat as they are, are still not used to being challenged, and Eli waived his right to remain anyonymous in order to speak up, this takes away the Church’s ability to run and hide, because this is an act of courage against an essentially cowardly organization.

Eli, myself, and others, have had to put up with abuse and then the Church of England’s ‘anything but responsibility’ cover up and inaction. And worse, the Church of England’s pretence of care, which is for the benefit of the press and the public, those who still believe a word of  what the CofE says.
Well, the old people who put money in the coffers blindly believe it all, because that is part of their belief system.

The Church of England seem to spend years ‘dealing with complaints’, and when they have to use the press, these days they make grand claims of taking things seriously. This can injure survivors even more, because their personal dealings with the church, and the way the church treat them, is different from what is being paraded in the press.
This is certainly my experience!!!

Oh yes, they take their ‘reputation’ (whatever that may be) seriously, they do not take victims seriously, they do not take the fact that Eli and I and other victims are left harmed and struggling seriously.

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