Anything and everything

Good evening,
This blog is on a bit of a break as things are busy here.

I would just like to say that it remains the case that what was inflicted on me last year for no reason at all, and the smear campaign by the Jersey Deanery was an utter disgrace.

The plumbline, yardstick, spirit level of measurement of the Church’s behaviour is Jesus and His teachings, and their behaviour, diocese and Deanery last year, was inexcusably completely and utterly out of line.

If the Church, with all their wealth and power, claim to be there because of Jesus and His teachings, they should act as if they are there because of Jesus and His teachings.

Jesus Never publicly flogged anyone, He prevented a woman from being stoned to death, while Deanery and Diocese have acted as if they don’t even know the Bible.
Which is why I keep offering them Matthew Chapter 23.


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