Lets be honest about Jersey

It was lovely to meet with a Jerseyman recently and talk about the people and places we know.
It was also traumatic.
My visits to Jersey or Winchester are traumatic, and so for the moment I do not make those visits, however, I have been taught by a psychologist, that it will be better for me, eventually to visit those places enough to make my peace with them, part of the healing process.

Lets be honest about Jersey, it is a small island, and even a member of the clergy there said that if you make the wrong enemies there, it can make life hell for you.
And I guess for a real Jersey born person, it can be hell because you can’t escape it.

I am lucky in that, even though the way I ‘escaped’ was very wrong and the way I was treated was very wrong, and I escaped into the hands of Jane Fisher and Scott-Joynt, who thought I hadn’t been destroyed enough and did the same again, violating my whole life, privacy and human rights and removing all my friendships and branding me, and setting the police on me for my reaction, I did escape, and currently free from the Diocese in some ways, I have rebuilt my life, although I am deemed unfit to work even in supported employment now, I have some quality of life, although the record will ensure I always live a half-life and will always be waiting for death.

Anyway, I escaped Jersey, where poor and vulnerable people are treated as if they have no rights.
And I was going to start blogging at this point about the Jersey system and who is who in church, states and judiciary, but I am getting tired already and will actually contiue this post by editing it later, but will publish it now.

Jersey is small and not governed well, it can seem just fine to holiday makers and visitors, and it is very popular for ‘booze cruisers’, but it is a harsh place to live if you are poor, and I didn’t meet any contented rich people there, interestingly, I met rich people who said they wished they were dead, who were bitter and burned out and unhappy and treated the poor badly. It’s such a shame, what’s left of the beauty of the Island is still very beautiful, the beaches and cliffs and reefs, the Ecrehous and all that, beautiful, but it is a crowded and unhappy island, and although I struggle to love the beautiful area where I am, it is better governed and safer and happier than Jersey.

I struggle to love my ‘home’ area because of the way Jersey and Winchester were ripped from me, because I am afraid of the same happening again, and the disasterous way the diocese launched on me last year did affect me horribly in my community, there is no assurance that the same wont happen again.
Those who don’t know, Winchester is my ‘home’ city, that I escaped from my family to when I was 17.
The diocese, to cover their backs, destroyed my life and community in Winchester when I returned there homeless from Jersey.

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