You have a lot to learn!

Don’t you find that when you challenge the Church of England, you get Bible quoted at you, usually incorrectly?
That isn’t really an answer, it is usually desperation. Self-righteous blaring, as I have previously described it.

I remember an activity day at a Church of England Church, I was on door duty and I remember this lad with learning disabilities kept getting in my way and he was a very noisy lad so it was hard for me to explain to incomers what the schedule for the day was.
So I said to him ‘could you let me have some space to explain to people what is going on?’

This really annoyed him, and he said to me ‘You have a lot to learn!’
He said it a number of times, and I actually agreed with him!

I still do!
And maybe I should have been more tolerant, but my own disability meant that sensory overload occurred when he was being noisy and I was trying to interact with incomers, which is hard for me anyway.

He often told people off, because of his disability, he had a good heart but could get very frustrated and angry with life and people, which is something I can empathise with, very much so, and in dealing with people I do indeed have a lot to learn!

Anyway, back to the activity day, we had a Bible study group where we were meant to find certain topics, and as is typical of the CofE, my group were mainly middle aged to elderly, and to my surprise, they started asking if I had been to Bible college and how did I know the Bible so well etc!
Now I replied that it was simply from reading the Bible from when I was young.

These people go to Church every week, some have done all their lives, so imagine one of these is 78 years old, she has heard the Bible in Church every single week, picked up on various popular proverbs and quotes and stories, but not thought them through, nor does the Church encourage her to do so, it is THEIR Bible, THINKERS are DANGEROUS to the Church (heehee!).
So this 78 year old who has been a churchgoer all their life, if they hear anything against the Church, they will blare and quote text from the Bible, often in the wrong context, but many people who speak against the Church don’t know the text any better than  the Church do, so the ridiculousness of the situation is often sadly lots.

So anyway, there is me, in this group of lifelong Anglicans, finding and explaining the Bible passages and them asking me if I went to Bible college.
Oh, shame on the Church of England! Those old dears pay to keep the church alive and you aren’t giving them value for money!

That said, everyone has the ability to pick up, read and question the Bible, and I, myself, need to do so a lot more!
I have Bibles, I do not read daily as I would like to.
But, there are those in the Church and who have been involved in harming me, who do read daily, make a big show of it, and yet still behave as if they have no understanding at all.

The other thing is, when you go to church, the person preaching, who can be excellent to poor in their teaching, because the CofE do not appear to have any supervision or standard of teaching, is usually going to give their own take on the Bible.

And as mentioned previously and also in the light of the recent attempts by the Church of England to force bystanders to pay repair bills, the Church try to use the Bible and sermons to force more money out of people for repairs and to keep the Church running, I have heard this done over and over again and it sickens me every time, because that is the Pharisees, not Jesus speaking.

So, we have a problem, the CofE are under-educating, and although I have a lot to learn, I learn more by questioning than by blaring indignantly and quoting Bible text to defend an organization like the CofE who are simply doing wrong.

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