Someone sent this in – an extract.

How the Church of England became what it is.

In those bad old days, still in memory, School was a place where children sat, stood, did exactly as they were told, never answered back or did anything except what they were asked, for fear of punishment.

The generation who run the Church of England, have regained their sense of self through positions in the Church, but remain blindly obedient to the Church heirachy, just as they were blindly obedient to the schoolmasters, for the same reason, it is in their psyche and they are afraid of punishment if they don’t do as they are told.

Hence the Church dying out, as the new generations since the war have been given increasing freedom, and are not afraid to ask qeuestions, including questioning the Church.
Quite rightly too.

It is difficult to develop and become broadminded and enquiring if you are oppressed constantly, the oppression weighs you down.
Discipline is good to set boundaries, but fear of speaking up indicates an unhealthy environment.
Although it can go to the other extreme these days and lack of boundaries can lead to antisocial behaviour.

But the difference between the two generations keeping the Church alive and the two or three who are not, is that the newer generations question rather than blindly follow, and the older generations do as they were taught.

The Church of England have become desperate as a result, and ripping out of pews and turning services into a kind of house party with no alcohol or drugs but abuse of the ‘Holy Spirit’ and other mind tricks has increased as the Church of England desperately tries to draw new people in.
It is quite a pitiful situation.
Because this isn’t God that they are drawing people to, this is a cheap alternative,formed out of desperation.

And so there is the Church, divided between the older people and the House party Church, not much in the middle.
So,  is the House Party Church the right way, or the old unquestioning way? 
Are either actually reflecting Jesus’ Teaching?
I hope so.

But the unquestioning older people remain in majority, and so the Church of England is still declining and still oppressing


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