The good things about the Church of England

Good evening,
Well I have been thinking about the good things about the CofE.

But first a random ‘Anything and Everything’.
Is this song funny, offensive or reality?
It reminds me of the diocese of Winchester trying to have me put away as mad.
But it also still amuses and saddens me.

I thought of two goods for the Cof|E.
One is that they do run and organize social events, and this keeps at least some of the lonely old dears entertained and ensures that they aren’t isolated, which is good.

The other good thing, which was buried deep in my memory, was actually something JM said.

There was a homosexual couple in one of her churches, one of them was the organist and the other was in the choir. JM always had a soft spot for gay men, and was fond of them, and she said to me that no matter how people ranted about homosexuality being a sin, it was far from the worst sin around, and we are all sinners.
Ok, I do not like to get involved in the debate, but a good non-judgemental attitude is not only refreshing, but a good example, and her words touched me.
JM could be very narrow, judgemental and condemning in other areas, and she certainly was about me when the diocese heard about her husband abusing me when JM involved herself on the side of the abuser in Jersey, she was damning of me and my side of what I had been through because of her unprofessionalism and her husband’s abuse of me, was never heard, but nonetheless despite all that, I remember her words about the homosexual couple.

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