Anything and everything

I wrote this on the day to day blog, but I thought it would be relevant on here.

Good morning,

Well I slept and I dreamed that Fisher had me flung in prison again, Stuart Syvret was in the prison and we were resigned to the fact that the wrongdoers would keep putting us away rather than taking responsibility for themselves.
I woke up into flashbacks of Fisher’s malice and deceit, especially in Sussex, not good, the cold horror of it, and the fact she would happily wipe out my new life, put me away and do a report like Korris that pretends it is all someone else and violate me bysending some airheaded idiot of a chaplain to violate me when I ask for a real chaplain like I did in LaMoye, where I specifically asked for a Mathodist or Catholic Chaplain and instead, Fisher was able to override that and send some airhead CofE idiot who SHE wanted to see me. How absolutely sick.

I can never really recover from Fisher, and she is free to continue to violate and injure me despite my complaints.


Someone asked again recently if the diocese were in any way involved in housing me!
The violations and interferences and slanders of me by Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt led to me being long term homeless and on the run because they kept setting the police on me in response to my response to their violations and interferences.
It still sickens me, it was like being raped when they kept violating me.
If the diocese were in any way involved in my life, I would flee.
I still feel at risk from them and my life is limited by that, I am a refugee.
Why would I ever let my destroyers be involved when they have the power to turn a whole community against me, as they did? I remain anguished and psychologically injured by that.


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