Boat Show

I loved the Jersey Boat show, loved going out on the boats and looking at the different stalls and activities, loved helping out, as I did in the last year.
Thankfully the churchwarden didn’t have time for the boatshow, or when he did, it was so crowded that I could avoid him.

I remember seeing his son and daughter-in-law there, with the poor forgotten toddler on the end of her reins while her parents were busy talking to people, that child had a bigger party for her first or second birthday than I ever had for any Birthday and yet, she always came across as forgotten to me, I remember her crawling around the living room when the church warden was paying attention only to me, and the toddler climbed up on the sofa with us, and still the churchwarden was more interested in me than his grand daughter, who he virtually ignored, I didn’t, I gave her a cuddle, poor little mite.
I remember the daughter in law talking about how the toddler had had a cold and was cranky ‘just’ when she (the daughter in law) really needed company.
I was astounded, a child isn’t a substitute for a friend!
The way she said it, she was making the child into a substitute for friends.
Oh, I worry for that little child, her grandad is not an honest man and the child always seemed forgotten apart from the grandmother who really fawned over the child.
Jersey is not a very healthy place to grow up in anyway.

Anyway, back to the boat show, oh it was lovely, the boats, the trips out on the bay, the atmosphere, my sailing people all there, and helping out.

The bad bit of course, was the Dean strutting about, the pomp and circumstances that is supposedly to do with God but is not anywhere in Jesus’ teachings.
The Dean who rubbished an abuse victim in favour of the abuser, and encouraged and facilitated smears against the victim and yet who has been upheld by the Church of England, showing eternally that they are not a Christian church, but are about who has the money and the power.

Here I am, not exactly wishing I was at the boat show, because I would rather be here, but I cannot sail because of my injuries, if I progress, I may sail again next year, if I don’t progress, I wont sail again.

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