shock horror – warning graphic post.

Good morning,
This blog is on a break due to computer problems and me being tired and busy with other things.
I am relieved that during my absence there has been no more nonsense from the CofE, and nothing happening and no-one illegally reporting me missing as Jane Fisher used to.

I have been reading the blog feeds and am horrified that someone came to my blog by searching ‘Are men with Asperger Syndrome more likely to be peadophiles’!
No, they are not more likely to be peadophiles, and the level of ignorance about such things horrifies me.

I am absolutely positive that instead of schools trying to teach four year olds about sex, they should start teaching all ages social awareness.

Every day I am horrified that even council and benefits office people and hospital staff do not know the difference between autism and mental illness,
There is a staggering level of ignorance that makes people think that autism, epilepsy, stroke, brain injuries and learning difficulties are the same as mental illness, and yet these people do not even understand mental illness itself.

Also Post Traumatic Stress tends to be treated as if it is insanity by too many people. It is a double blow to be traumatized and treated as insane -as the Bishop and Jane Fisher and their police treated me, for example.

Why are infants being taught about sex and having their innocence taken (a form of abuse) and yet children are not being taught basics about disability, when prejudice and discrimination do start in the playground.
(and, from what I saw as a mature student, young people are leaving school without even the basics of spelling and maths anyway, so why waste time on sex education and computers when these kids aren’t leaning what they need to).
End of rant.

The Ould Bully would ask what this has to do with the CofE, but the CofE’s attitude to disability is disgusting, I have been called ‘mentally retarded’ because of my autism, in the CofE.

Back to the blog feed, I would love to know who typed in something about ‘St. Helier, depression, bedsit land’, I am fascinated.

The Jersey hits on the blog have been high in the last few days, thanks for checking in.
This blog hopes to be running as normal within a few days, lets talk Jersey!
And there will be a statement in reply to Archbishop Wonga and his fascinating CofE type waffle.
Do they ever talk straight? Or is waffle part of the job description?

3 thoughts on “shock horror – warning graphic post.

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