The Sabbath – Narrow legalism

I have a feeling that the legalistic idiots in the CofE would be screaming about me doing my housework on Sunday, er, yes, I went through all this with Jill Lihou, who was an expert at narrow legalism.

Apparently because the 10 commandments say ‘Keep the Sabbath day Holy’, I am not supposed to do anything on Sunday.

Yeah, I remember Jill Lihou criticizing me for working on a Sunday, I asked her how I was supposed to earn my living if that was when my employers had shifts for me? And what about emergency services, and why was the Vicar breaking the Sabbath by working?

The answer was ‘Oh well, if people have to!’.
So some people have to break the Sabbath?
It needled me, back when I was young and dependent and immature and since, I was indeed, despite being a questioner, a sheeple, who let these old and narrow people control me. And sadly, many vulnerable people are both led astray and away from God by the CofE’s legalistic teachings and become part of this legalism that is set against Jesus’ teaching.

But here we go.

The Pharisees inflicted this same legalism on Jesus and His Disciples 2000 years ago and still the old legalistic control freaks in the Church of England prefer to abuse the 10 Commandments to suit themselves and control others.
The Church of England appear not to know or understand Matthew Chapter 12. Verses 1 to 8. And onwards. The rest of the chapter.

So, I know, better than poor Jill, who needed to be in control because she was ill and because she was assaulted in her past,(she told me), that I am not committing wrong by doing my housework today and I needn’t feel guilty and expect to go to hell or have displeased my Lord, He is not that fussy!

Because where does ‘Keep the Sabbath Day Holy’ Translate to don’t work?
Jesus said ‘needs must’, there are more important things in life than legalism.
And old narrow church people ‘keeping the Sabbath’ blindly, while slating others, are committing that Sin of Judgement, legalism, controlling.

And finally, every member of the CofE would be breaking ‘Keep the Sabbath Holy’ if it was really about not working, because the Sabbath, in My Father’s land and tongue, is not Sunday, but Saturday.

God rested on the 7th Day, Shabbat, not Yom Rishon.
And He does approve of us resting.

Keep reading the Book of Matthew, it is indeed about the same dreadful Pharisees who, 2000 years later are trying to destroy another person who spoke out against them, the Church of England.

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