A lightbulb appeared!/chancel liability tax

I just realised something about the posts on Planet Jersey.
I am slow on the uptake, excuse me.

The Church comissioners selling millions of pounds of property?

The Church forcing bystanders to pay for repairs to local churches?

Either they are a sick organization or they are in danger of bankrupcy,

either way, non-believers and non-attenders should not be forced on to pay anything.

And if the CofE are in financial difficulties, then I would be delighted to see the Jersey charade waste more money to help see the CofE bankrupt and  castrated. For the sake of the poor, vulnerable, disabled and everyone they have ruined over the years, especially that farming couple left homeless and without their livelihood because of chancel liability tax.






The Church of England are not taking this money to feed the poor, but to feed themselves, or keep buildings that are being used less and less and don’t have full congregations, alive.

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