email letter to Archbishop 11/05/2011 – 3 years ago

Your Lord Grace Archbishop of Canterbury,
I want an answer as to why I am a homeless criminal after your churches failed to protect and then damaged me,
why clergy you employ who have done much worse than autistic anger are out there unreprimanded while I am destroyed and everything I struggled to achieve is gone.
I have no quality of life and have had to flee Winchester because of the way I was being treated on behalf of the diocese, and because I was terrified every time I saw a police car.
why are your clergy not beaten up and thrown in cells for 24 hours and called mad and bad for being unable to cope with a very unfair situation? Is it because you do indeed condone cover ups?  I see from his press article that the Bishop who has overseen my destroyal is on very friendly terms with you. 
But I am asking you to listen to my story because it does not make sense that I am on the streets destroyed while my abusers remain in positions of authority and backed by church leaders such as the Dean of Jersey who said I was not abused, that I was a troublemaker and wicked.
 The Bishop refused to deal with that, and supported the Dean in having me convicted for my anger and distress at his continued involvement. Autistic, regressed and abused, left regressed and severely psychologically damaged, having to deal with the dean who was the abusers friend and tried to close the complaint, having to deal with nothing being done and the abuser going round that small island saying he was cleared and thus having me shunned.
 Having to deal with the damage being done by the two faced dean and the treatment I suffered as a result, and Jane Fisher’s cold denial that any of that was happeneing -her denial and attacks on my character was the second most damaging thing after the Dean’s treatment of me.
 And as a result I collapsed and when Jane continued to intervene I became hysterically distressed, especially as she utterly rubbished me by re-involving the Dean, in her continuing nastiness she told me that she had got her side over to the Bishop  – ie told him that nothing had been wrong with the way the Dean and priests had treated me on behalf of the abuser, and she told me that what I said was irrelevant.
 I told her I would let the Bishop see that text, one of her nasty texts, and again she said she would tell him it was about me refusing to meet with her over the abusers, which it was not and she said that me refusing to meet made everything I said irrelevant.
She allowed (JM) to involve herself and work with the Dean to make me out to be a serial troublemaker who has a pattern of making abuse accusations, but they couldn’t explain about all my friends, most of whom the diocese have taken from me by contacting them, those friends didn’t abuse me and so were not accused of abuse.
Your Lord Grace Archbishop,
I want the intervention by Jane Fisher in my life to stop, likewise the Scott-Joynt’s damage of me,
I want something done about what has happened,
and it is my last wish,
I will never be able to rebuild my life,
I did not deliberately build my life on sand foundations,
it was that way since I was born,
I loved God from when I was four years old until recently as the endless destroyal by Wolvsley and Fisher went on,
with them trying so hard to make me out to be mentally ill in order to cover the whole matter.
The whole matter has meant that my physical health is deteriorating.
I came into the real world aged 17 and having loved God since I was 4,
I thought that the church was the only safe place where drinking, drugs, smoking and dishonesty and badness would not be,
and the church destroyed me,
If I had stayed in the ghetto and joined in with the games there where people have children by each others partners and do unspeakable things and live on benefits and dirty money, then the Bishop and his Dean and Safeguarding officer would not have condemned me as wicked and a criminal.
But instead I went to church and was abused.
Now I have a life sentence, or rather a death sentence,
of condemnation and being called insane, despite that being disproved by the mental health services.
I will never come to terms with this,
with being called wicked,
with taking all the blame and being the victim of the diocesan cover up.
If you really are unwilling to listen and deal with this matter,
pray for my death.
There is no medicine and no counsellor that can ever take away what this has done to me.
I am destroyed,
and my only prayer to the God who allowed the church to destroy me,
is for my death, soon, before my physical health gets worse,
before I am battered about by Jane Fisher’s police again.
There is no threat of suicide in this email.
waiting for death is something all people do eventually,
unless they are killed.

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