A short note to the Bishop

if you release the Bailhache report you will kill me, 
it is as simple as that, you wicked man.
It is sick of you to be spouting rubbish about trying to make the bailhache report less distressing, it will kill me,
you have spent 14 months on my constructive, slow, torturous murder,
and you pretend to care that the final blow will distress me?
What happened to Christianity, that my being branded for life by police and authorities wasn’t enough as it is with rapists, murderers, deliberate crooks and wife beaters, who do not usually get the privilage of a Bishop and Diocese spending six years branding them and driving them from sociaty and 14 months of publicly being flogged before being murdered by a report done agains them by their abusers’ supporters?

It took everylast atom of strength and belief in myself to rebuild my life and in your recent media attacks and your forthcoming murder of me, you have left me as I was when I was left destitute and in my pyjamas in 2010,
there was basically no point in rebuilding and so I will return to sleeping rough in the run up to your murder of me.
Basically, when I returned to Hampshire in my pyjamas and with no bra, after being thrown from my home in Jersey, I did not know that I could expect another year of public whipping from fisher and scott-joynt as well as police brutality and detentions and branding for life for standing up to them,
which you noticable did not make any sort of investigation into.
I know that even if I was to survive the bailhache report, which will kill me, and I wont survive it, 
I will not be free of you, just as Jane Fisher was not publicly satisfied with leaving me destitute in my pyjamas, the same again will not satisfy you, you will continue to destroy me after the Steel report.
So basically I will spend my last nights where I am happiest and least likely to be violently dragged from my home, beaten, robbed, locked in and jeered at and beaten.
I am now homeless again.

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