destroying me through reports

So far in all this sadistic public destroyal of me, no investigation has been done into my complaints, no investigation has been done that interviews me and no investigation has been done that is a safeguarding enquiry, so far only two reports that omit my side of things and did not interview have been done, that destroy me and have left me publicly humiliated and flogged, my soul destroyed and sickened.

I do not understand how an oganization as big as the Church of England could get away with continuing to destroy me this way and no one will stop them, even though I am suffering mental anguish night and day and knowing I am powerless to stop this organization which has relentlessly destroyed me for six years.

How can anyone know the truth of what has happened through reports that claim to be about my side of things and yet omit me?
Why must I wait to inevitably be killed by the second and worse report against me by the organization which has destroyed me?
Why must I wait to again be spat on and derided by people with no understanding, strangers, because of reports that omit my sided of things and yet claim to be about safeguarding, who is being safeguarded when the reports are hijacked and smear campaigns are run against me?

Do the Church of England really not understand the severe and lifelong damage done to me by the inaccurate Korris report and the fact that the Steel report, done against me by a comflicted judge who volunteered in order to clear the Dean and damn me, will kill me?
Does the Church of England not understand the depth and severity of damage done to me and how I cannot go on waiting in severe mental anguish for the day they kill me with the Steel report?
Do the Church of England care?
No, they are cold, remorseless, soulless, relentless and would obviously be very happy that they are inflicting cruelty on me and will kill me, and no-one will stop them or defend me.

This matter has never been about me, my complaint or what has happened to me, because it has always omitted me and my side of things, what it was about and is about is a mystery, but it has had the side effect of destroying me.

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