Lets pretend we are the Archbishop’s office and the press actually ask that man what is going on with my blog posts and the ‘safeguarding investigation’.

This is the kind of statement you would get in reply:

The Archbishop is very concerned about the vulnerable individual involved 
(no he isn’t)

The Archbishop wants the individual to seek help
 (The Church’s actions have disrupted the help I was receiving).

The Church have been bombarded with email contact from the individual 
(This is because they have destroyed her for 14 months without once relating to her as a human being, forced into her life and publicly floged her in the press and she can’t use a phone properly due to dysphasia).

The Church have offered the individual help (no, they made an illegal and forcible referral without her consent to an irrelevant charity who could offer her nothing and they did not take into account the help she was already receiving, which their actions were disrupting)

The Archbishop has concerns for the individual’s mental health 

(well so he should, considering the harm his church has done in the last 14 months, but if his ‘mentally ill’ daughter who he parades in the paper was publicly flogged  and discreditedfor her depression in an abuse investigation by an organization like the CofE, would he put up with it then?)

And so on, when will the CofE come to terms with the fact that their damaging press-speak does not match reality?!

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