I am doing a series of short posts today, this is because I am in bed.

This, as far as know, is the first time I have ever spent a day in bed, I am far too hyperactive to waste time resting normally.
Even now I am sitting here, on the laptop when I should be asleep, and I am thinking how the flat looks trashed and how I should put the washing on, etc.

Here is an observation.
When I contacted the diocese constantly about the fact they never dealt with my complaints and were violating my rights and privacy and defaming me in Winchester, they had me repeatedly brutalized and locked up by the police, claiming it was harassment.The police treated me as mad and refused my complaints and requests for protection from the diocese.
Years later, the diocese have been able to continue to violate me and the police will not brutalize and lock them up for harassment even though they are destroying me.

These short posts will be merged or moved tomorrow so that I can start clarifying my story.


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