Korris Report – Jersey, Child Abuse and the Church. HG’s Story

cathy fox blog on child abuse

jersey 253586_106896812738672_100002550620932_61795_6672043_nmmThe Church felt it necessary to get an independent review of what is called a “safeguarding complaint” on Jersey , the jurisdiction of the Report for which appears to come under the Diocese of Winchester.

The Korris Report [1] was the result published in March 2013.

The abuse survivor as she calls herself however is not happy with the Report which she says was very unkind to her. This is her blog [2], and an exerpt from it.

“I am HG, the abuse survivor from the Korris report.
Sadly the Korris report, by the Diocese of Winchester into Safeguarding in Jersey, was very inaccurate and harmful to me, and allowed the Deanery of Jersey to run a smear campaign against me, so I started writing to tell my story.

Be warned, this blog is no easy read, and it may help to also look at the other Jersey blogs to…

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