Baroness Butler-Sloss and her ‘valuable and important witness’

This is atrocious


American ‘child abuse expert’ Ralph Underwager gave evidence, oral and written, to the Cleveland Child Abuse Inquiry in 1987 and was described by the chairman, Lord Justice Butler-Sloss as a “valuable and important witness.” In his oral evidence he asserted the following as proven by research:-

– Abused children are not secretive: cannot feel shame or embarrassment before the age of 9 or 11
– The recidivism rate for abusers is 1% to 2%
– Anal assault was the most rare and infrequent form of abuse and then only occurs with perpetrators who are “rather crazy”
– Abused children are not threatened
– 5% of claims of abuse are probably well founded, as judged by the conviction rate
– There is no therapeutic benefit in an abused child expressing their feelings afterwards to a psychiatrist. He said he regarded his views as mainstream.

Recently Dr Underwager said in an Internet…

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