Bob’s latest blog

This is Bob’s latest blog I am offline  for a while this weekend. Nothing to freak about.I remember Jane Fisher illegally reporting me missing when I wasn’t and she hadn’t tried to contact me to find out. So I get almost anxious about not being online every day in case of a repeat of…

Other People’s Perspectives 3 – VoiceforChildren

Other People’s Perspectives, VoiceforChildren’s blogs on the Jersey matter. Starting from the first they are; No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6 No.7 No.8 No.9 No.10 No.11 No.12    

Channel Islands split

My advice is, try a denomination that doesn’t fart about, or lie. Correction, it does not support everyone involved, they have destroyed me again with their childish squabbles, where is Christ in all this?

The Churchwarden

Bob states on his blog that the churchwarden who abused me is possibly to be alected churchwarden in the Town Church in Jersey. According to Church of England guidelines he doesn’t need a CRB check in order to be elected, but what he does need is church backing and a Bishop to confirm him as…


If the people in the Diocese and Deanery war are Christias then why can’t they settle this civilly? I am caught in the middle and it is making me ill, especially the wait to  be damaged by unbalanced and inaccurate reports that condemn me instead of investigating my complaint. Reports that cover for wrongdoers.Why am…