The Korris report 1.

I am going to upset Uncle Bob by talking about the Korris report again.
Uncle Bob is in favour of the Korris report, because he says it is in my favour.

But I am not in favour of it because it is very inaccurate, muddles up times and thus blurs the full situation and makes it unclear, it also omits my views and those of the Churchwarden.

Other things that just annoy me about the Korris report are: she was not adequately qualified to carry it out, it was not an independent report but was influenced by Jane Fisher, who was keen to cover up her henious behaviour, and the Korris report was meant to imitate the Chichester investigation but carried out by someone not qualified and not independent, I have a strong feeling it was hoped by Jane Fisher to come out against me, credit to Korris for ensuring it didn’t, but she was not qualified, as a counsellor who does church of england contracts to carry out the report, and as she does Church contracts, it was not independent.

If anyone argues that Korris was qualified because she was a counsellor, that does not qualify her, and that is backed by the fact that she had to refer to psychiatric books, Butler-Sloss etc and had no understanding of autism, even in the report, where she apparently claims me to not fit the criteria? even though she has never met me and did not understand my spectrum or the fact that I do not approach people in social situations but if people approach me, they can eventually build a relationship with me.
An example of this is me sitting alone in st.A’s and being approached by the churchwarden each time. I would never have approached him.
One of the things that helps me to build relationships is volunteering and church and community tasks, St. ‘s rubbished me as disabled and not of worth as a helper or church member, but in Jersey I was able to take part in activities elsewhere where I could communicate through the activities.

Korris, It was not a well done or professionally executed report, lacking in clear chronology and influenced by the evidence provided by Fisher, who had her own agenda, and possibly Philip leClaire and his dodgy memory! (you are still a sealion, man!) and it has seriously harmed me emotionally, and had my friends not stepped in, it would have driven me to suicide as it is so damaging and incorrect.
You cannot do a report that changes real life into something it wasn’t and not expect people concerned not to be adversely affected.

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